Pet Care Record Book

A new way to care for your pet


Health Record System

Log everything related to your pet's health and maintain a health record system that can you can refer back in the future.

Track Expenses

Track expenses with vet visits, vaccines, medical exams, health treatments and medications.

Stay organized

Remember vet appointment dates and stay on top of your pet's health needs. Write down notes and questions for you vet. 

One planner for life

Our planner was designed with enough space to record all vaccines and recurring treatments you pet might need during their lives.

Record book sections:

  • Pet's Personal Information
  • Important Contact List
  • Vet Appointment Log
  • Vaccination Record
  • Flea, Tick & Worm Treatments Log
  • Other Medications Log
  • Medical Exams Record
  • Weight Tracker

Customer Testimonials

Why no one has thought about a pet planner before? This is exactly what I needed and didn't even realized until I found New Woof on Instagram! I'm absolutely in love!

Customer image

Jessie Shelton

I have always struggled to keep all my pet's records organized. Over the years I have tried different methods but nothing seems to work as well as having a logbook.

Customer image

Christina Fraser

I love the minimalistic design and the amount of pages on each section! There's tons of space to log the most important information. It'll for sure serve me for years to come.

Customer image

Martin Walsh

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